Strength for Life

Client feedback

Dawn is a professional Pilates instructor with many years of experience.   She is able to instruct students, who are at various levels, by suggesting modifications to the moves.  Her cues are given in layers, starting with basic movements and layering on the more intricate muscle movements.  She is very knowledgeable about the human body, and is able to focus on both strengthening as well as rehabilitative exercises.  Every class is different, it is never repetitive.  Dawn's bubbly and engaging personality keep things light and the hour passes very quickly.  She is very welcoming, and has a positive energy that inspires each person to push just a little harder to achieve the level of fitness they desire.  Darlene W

Dawn Byers owner and operator has approximately 15 years experience teaching pilates. Dawn has taught at The White Oake Resort, Sheridan College, Tansley Rec Centre, Cedar Springs, Burlington City Hall and many other locations. Dawn is certified in all levels of mat, reformer, wunda chair and cadillac. Upgraded courses consist of pre and post natal, stability ball, foam roller and therabands, gait analysis, rehabilitation, rotational disk, vertical pilates and fit ring. Dawn's certified through The Physical Mind located in New York City and also Body Harmonics Toronto On.

All classes at the studio are small group to benefit the client in watching alignment and being able to correct any movements that are incorrect. All classes have no more than 6 people maximum. Dawn has integrated body movement therapy into her pilates classes/private sessions so you learn how to move properly in class and also taking what you have learned outside of the studio and applying it to everyday situations. That's when you see real changes in your body and you will notice how you move with ease being pain free.