Class schedule


  •               9:30am. reformer   level 1
  •                12:00pm. reformer  level 2
  •                4:45pm. reformer    all levels
  •                6:00pm. reformer   level 2
  •                    7:00pm. H.I.I.T. training 45min. (April 1)
  •                8:00pm. reformer   all levels



  •              11:15am. H.I.I.T. training (45min.) starting April 1
  •               6:00pm. reformer  all levels
  •                7:00pm. reformer  level 3       


  •               9:30am. reformer  all levels
  •                12:00pm. reformer all levels
  •                 7:00pm. rebounder with weights  
  •                 8:00pm. reformer level 1 and 2 (April1)


  •                9:15am. rebounder with weights (April 1)
  •                5:30pm. reformer level 2
  •                     6:45pm. pilates on the ball all levels  
  •                       7:45pm. reformer all levels


  •                 9:30am. reformer level 2         
  •                  12:00pm. reformer all levels


  •                  9:00am. reformer level 1
  •                 10:00am. reformer level 2
  •                 11:00am. reformer level 3
  •                         12:45pm H.I.I.T. training 45 min starting April1


The Mind Body connect app is compatible with iphone and android phones. If your cell is not compatible with the app then use above  link to create an account, to check the schedule or to book your classes. Re occuring classes can only be booked from this link. Booking with the app is one class at a time. Make sure you secure your spot.

You can pay online or at the studio. If you pay at the studio classes will be loaded to your account same day. Your classes will expire 3 months from your first class taken. If you haven't used all your classes within the 3 months your account is cleared off, so make sure all classes are used by the expiry.

24 hour notice is required to cancel out of a class or your class will be counted. thank you.

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